Meet Frio

Frio Public Health is the Middle East Newest Pest Management group providing world class pest control, pest management, professional disinfecting, & pest control equipment & chemicals.
Founded in 2012, Frio provides world class quality services for commercial & residential clients including pest management, food safety training & consulting Frio's office is active in Cairo, Egypt.

Frio's Personnel

Frio provides an excellent work environment; Frio team is a professional, highly trained group of specialists in the fields of environmental health, entomology, marketing & business development furthermore, Frio has developed "Frio Academy" a specialized center for the formation and training of professional pest management technicians.
The academy is run by accredited trainers with strong background in entomology, environmental health, agricultural sciences & field experience.


Frio's goal is to be present in every country in the world, servicing customers with the same quality service & standards established.
This goal will be achieved by opening franchises managed by driven entrepreneurs.
At the same time Frio continually updates & evaluates the quality control & standards in order to provide excellent service Frio expects to grow substantially in the coming years as our excellent service is improved.

Mission Statement

To represent the Pest Control in a highly responsible way, food safety industries, fighting public health pests & protecting food, consumers & the delicate elements of the environment.
To handle, apply & dispose of chemicals & pesticides in the best way possible not to harm food, soil, water, greenery, pets & the Human lives, & to use the most advanced, reliable & educational training & consulting resources.
Moreover, Frio is committed to provide first class high quality services at all times to all its clients, providing exceptional value for the charged services, & a professional image at all times.
Frio is also committed to create challenging careers & serve the interests of its employees, providing a fine workplace, a fine reputation & a solid career path.