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Specialists in Farming & Agricultural Pest Control
Whatever types of agriculture you are in, problems with pests are a major concern not only for the potential loss of revenue through contamination or damage to your crops but also possible damage to your property & equipment.

Rodents are a major problem to farmers as they can cause considerable damage as a result of their gnawing behavior which, at least, could be a hole in the fabric of a building & at worst electrical faults & flooding.

Stored product insects such as beetles & weevils can infest grain & bulk commodities. Seasonal pests, predominantly flying insects, can not only cause distress to livestock but the spread of disease has been attributed to certain species of flying insects.

Frio is experienced in providing farm pest control solutions such as fumigation.
We have supported the farming community for many years not only by advising on housekeeping, proofing & stacking, to minimize the risk of infestation, but also in providing effective solutions to pest problems ranging from rodents & insects to pest birds. As part of our farm pest control service we also help you to comply with legislation applicable to the farming & agricultural community.

Many farmers choose to enter into a contract with us to provide their farm with regular visits from one of our technicians experienced & trained in farm pest control methods, ensuring their farms stay hygienic & pest free.

To find out more about how we can deal with any pest problem & help to prevent them from occurring, please call us on +2 011 5245 8799 to arrange a visit from a specialist surveyor