Mosquitoes: Facts, Identification & Control

Heard High Pitched Buzzing of Mosquitoes?

We have all had to deal mosquitoes.

The high pitched buzz tells us that we have mosquitoes nearby, & that we should beware since mosquito bites might not be far behind.
Mosquitoes can chase us indoors during the best time of the year.
Is there anything short of pitching a tent that you can do to take back your outdoor living space around your home? Frio Mosquito Service can help.

Mosquitoes or Flies?

Mosquitoes can be confused with flies.
Mosquitoes have long legs, & a long proboscis or "nose" that female mosquitoes use to "bite" people & pets to draw blood, needed to lay eggs.
Most flies won't bite & even long legged flies are usually much smaller than mosquitoes.
Mosquitoes are pesky pests & can spread disease such as West Nile Virus, dengue, & malaria.
Believe it or not, there are over 1,000 cases of malaria every year in North America.
More commonly, though, mosquitoes threaten family events more than health.